McBRIDE STATION: Architects announced by Lanstone Homes

To assist with the public consultation process in the redevelopment of the McBride Station site, Lanstone Homes has engaged architect, Colin Hogan of Focus Architecture and landscape architect, Mark van der Zalm. Together they bring a wealth of experience and share a keen sense of design sensitivity toward the environments in which they work.
Colin Hogan, MAIBC, is president of Focus Architecture which was founded in 1972. He was the architect responsible for Lanstone Homes’ “Woodrow Lane” townhome project on 96th Ave.
Mark van der Zalm is the founding principal of VDZ and Associates. Mark has been responsible for many local landscape projects including the “Spirit Square” at the Fort Langley Community Hall.
Lanstone Homes is seeking input from the community in planning for redevelopment of the McBride Station site. A public planning session has been scheduled for March 1, 2012 and both Colin Hogan and Mark van der Zalm will participate to discuss design options for the site.
Your input is welcome. Leave a comment on the site or let us know if you would like to participate in the upcoming public planning session.

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2 Responses to McBRIDE STATION: Architects announced by Lanstone Homes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I actually have a question. We are interested in purchasing one possibly and I am wondering how we can get in on the pre-pre view soonest?


    • Thank you for asking about pre-viewing plans. At this point we do not have an overall plan prepared for the site and are going through a public process to obtain input to assist us in addressing any local issues in our plan formulation. Please stay in touch by subscribing to this site (or check back from time to time). We will use the website to let everyone follow the progress of planning for the site.
      Lanson Foster
      Lanstone Homes

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